GarantiBank in Germany is a branch of GarantiBank International N.V., which was founded in Amsterdam in 1990.

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What we do for GarantiBank in Germany

_ Strategic communication and marketing consulting
_ External press office in Germany
_ Continuous B2C product PR

“For 20 years now, we have had Ms. Rossié and her team at our side as a reliable partner for all communication issues.We rely on the agency’s strategic know-how on issues relating to our product portfolio in the area of overnight and fixed-term deposits. Such a long-term collaboration is certainly a rarity and at the same time proof of how deep the mutual trust has grown over the years. In our sensitive industry, it is these relationships that make the difference and thus the success.”

Fahri Birincioglu
Executive Director Germany Branch
GarantiBank International N.V.

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