Content Marketing


For us, strategic content marketing involves the development, preparation and distribution of relevant, brand-appropriate, target-group-oriented, editorial content for a brand or company based on clear analysis, consumer insights and explicit communication goals. It is also the communication discipline that drives a company’s strategic objectives by editorial means.

8 reasons to choose content marketing with move communications:

1. One team handles all of your content …

From the concept through to editorial scheduling to content production and distribution: we are your point of contact for every aspect of content marketing in all channels. Do you already work with other partners, e.g. in relation to PR? We would be more than happy to work with them too; it’s something we do every day.

2. … in every channel

We structure the content so that it can be “played” in various channels. Whether publishing or PR, advertising or social, offline or online: content marketing is the red thread that carries through all of a company’s corporate communications to convey a clear, coherent idea of a company, product or service.

3. Your communication is credible and consistent

Brand and corporate content is not produced and published piecemeal, rather it forms part of an overarching attempt at storytelling. Much like a thrilling novel, content marketing ideally tells “the big story” that makes products, services, brands and companies interesting to readers.

4. You generate more leads

Content marketing gets potential and existing customers excited about your brand and your products. It is entertaining, fascinating and invites people to share and spread the word.

5. You increase customer loyalty

Why do customers keep coming back to your website or regularly accessing your publications? Because they have good reason to do so: fresh content. Make sure that you stay interesting and relevant to all target groups. That way you can be sure you’re always being talked about.

6. You stand out from the competition

Especially in markets where competitors are many and offerings are very similar, content marketing provides the best opportunities to highlight the USPs of your products and services, as well as your company. Be unmistakable – with unique storytelling in all communication channels.

7. You regularly give your sales activities a push

Primarily thanks to its focus on storytelling, content marketing repeatedly manages to create new, relevant occasions where people can opt for your product or service. Your communication becomes as multi-dimensional and “real” as the lives of your target audiences and the very different situations in which they find themselves every day.

8. Individuality is the key to successful content marketing

From a strategic analysis of your content, through a storytelling concept, to smart publication of your content through PR, social media, publishing or advertising: move communications is your full-service agency for content marketing. We have a professional, powerful and lean core team, which is flexible and can be enhanced with the addition of proven experts in various fields related to content marketing, such as SEO/SEM, branding, programming/hosting.

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