At the startup RADIO TOURISM move communications together with Schlenker PR is not only on board as an “active part” – the website for this joint venture was also created by our team in Munich.

The focus of the new website is the development of a modern brand, a clear design and compact information, where possible in conjunction with audio samples. Hereby, we consciously decided not to use the same destination motifs on this website. Instead, we use visuals as well as possible, so to speak, only as a thematic citation – a luxury that brings us above all the fact that audio is the primary product of RADIO TOURISM.

Since the company concentrates heavily on three product areas – editorial theme productions, editorial customer productions and classic radio advertising – it is important to explain these categories under “Products” and to illustrate their benefits by means of examples.

In addition, under “References” we present the already considerable list of customers for whom the RADIO TOURISM team has already worked at move communications and Schlenker PR.

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